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As many of you know, our independent boutique studio has closed. We all have appreciated the community and practice we shared with all of you. Both our community and practice has looked significantly different in 2020, and will continue to shift. For the rest of this year, we’re experimenting a partnership with the Anytime Fitness on North Broadway. Please see the “View Classes” page for information on how to reserve a space and purchase a punch card; please also follow us on Facebook and/or sign up for our newsletter.

Build community and grow your practice here, at Urban Yoga MN! Urban Yoga MN was created with the desire to bring yoga, and a sense of community to Rochester in a whole new way! We don’t take ourselves too seriously: We have a lighthearted and heart-centered approach to yoga—we joke and laugh with one another, but we also get deep into the heart of the practice to support you along your unique yoga journey. Our studio is your place to explore your practice, infuse and inspire your wellness journey, and be supported by our nurturing and compassionate instructors. No matter where you are in your journey—we are here to support YOU.

We offer a wide variety of classes to fit your unique needs and interests as you explore and develop your yoga practice. We value fitting the practice to your specific needs, and not fitting you to a practice. Our no judgment/no intimidation zone policy helps us keep an atmosphere that is friendly and open to all those who come to the practice. No experience? Practiced for 10 years? Great! Everyone is welcome as part of our UY Yogi Fam.

Tips for Newbies

Look here for information on how to prep for your first yoga class at Urban Yoga! You will also find some info on what to expect at your first class as well as read a few tips on how to overcome first class fears!

Tips for Newbies

We offer a variety of yoga styles & specialty focused yoga classes!


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