Destiny Breland

Founder, Instructor, Lover of Potatoes

Meet Destiny! Destiny is the owner, founder and an inspired instructor here at Urban Yoga MN!
Destiny discovered yoga at the age of 13, while she was a competitive figure skater. Her coach
introduced her to the practice, and Destiny says it helped her reach her national title. She fell
out of the practice after she was injured from skating, picking it back up when she started
college. Yoga helped her manage anxiety, work through trauma, and keep her balanced both
physically and emotionally. As a result, Destiny fell in love with yoga. She shares, “It didn't just
keep me in shape—it kept my mind in shape. I knew, no matter what, I could always rely on my
Destiny earned her Yoga Teaching Certificate from the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, soon after.
Destiny holds her 230+ hour RYT, Meditation Teaching Certificate, Restorative Yoga Teaching
Certificate, and Trauma Sensitive Teaching Certificate. She has trained with Gary Kraftsow,
Michael Stone, and Jim Bennitt, among many other amazing yogis in Minneapolis. Destiny, in
addition to owing Urban Yoga MN, is the founder of the Minneapolis Police Department Yoga
Program. Find her on our class schedule!

Also check out Destiny's UY page on Namastream!