Arrive: We suggest that you arrive 15 minutes early to your first class. This allows time for you to see the space, fill out a waiver, and get settled in!

Wear: We recommend you value comfort in your clothing choice for class! Wear something you can move and groove in, that is comfortable and breathable!

Avoid: It is recommended that you do not practice on a full stomach. We suggest eating an hour before.

Bring: All you need to bring is yourself! However, you are welcome to bring water into the studio and a yoga mat if you’d like. We do offer all props, mats, and water in the studio for your ease.

Ditch: Ditch your shoes at the door, cell phone in the community area, and outside voices inside!

Share: You might consider letting us know this is your first class, what brought you, and how you felt after! We value feedback, and appreciate it greatly!

What to Expect at Your First Class


Are you nervous to step into your first studio class? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To help with your transition into our studio we have put together a helpful list of things to expect!

Sign up for class! Check out our class schedule, use description as clue ins for what to expect, or ask us for a suggestion!

When you sign up online you will be asked to give us information about yourself, all your info stays private!

Once you’ve signed up for class, you are ready to go! Don’t forget to dress in movable clothing!

When you arrive at our studio we ask that you go ahead and remove your shoes and settle in. You will be asked to sign a waiver and check in to class at our front desk!

All signed in? Fantastic! All props, and mats are provided for your convenience inside the studio. Water is sold at the front desk, if you didn’t bring any! Head into the studio and take some time to settle into the space before practice! You’ve got this!

Overcoming First Class Fear


Your first yoga class can be scary. Any new experience brings in some level of anxiety, but have no fear!! I am here to help. To ease you into the start of this amazing journey-here is a list of 3 common fears and how to overcome them!

Fear-“I’m not flexible!”

We hear this ALL THE TIME! If your goal is to gain flexibility, then this shouldn’t be a concern for you. What we know is that flexibility takes time and practice. But yoga isn’t all about flexibility, and you sure don’t need it to come to the practice! Classes are filled with people of all levels of physical capabilities. Over time, you will gain many things in your practice and one of them will be flexibility. So, don’t let this stop you! We all start somewhere!

Fear-“I’m not really a yoga person”

Yoga person, ah yes. If you can breathe then you are a yoga person, friend! There is no A-Typical yogi. All are welcome! We see a large variety of people in our classes, and we hope that you will be one of them.

Fear- “What if I look stupid, because I don’t know what I am doing”

Have you ever seen happy baby pose, (google it), now tell me who wouldn’t look funny doing happy baby? I often giggle at myself when I fall out of a balancing pose, or mix up my left and right. We are all here, all sentient beings living this human experience. It’s okay to have fun with it! Yoga should be fun!

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