When you don’t have time to get to a class in the studio, make your home the studio!

My favorite part of my home practice is turning the lights down, getting all the oils I need, turning the salt lamps on and making my house as cozy as can be. I find that on days when I am not teaching in the studio or when I work late, getting myself to class is extra difficult. If your like me try to zen out your home and use these helpful tips to maximize your practice!

  1. Any amount of time on the mat is enough, 5, 10, 30, 60 minutes, it doesn’t matter! And even if you get on your mat and chill in child’s pose or savasana for the entire time, that’s okay! Take whatever amount of time you have and utilize every second even if it’s just to bring your attention inward and focus on connecting the mind body and spirit.
  2. Use online classes! My personal practice started at home with YouTube taking free classes! I was too intimidated to go to a studio so I started taking online classes to help me develop a better understanding of the asanas and language used in yoga classes. This was a lifesaver and helped build my confidence for when I decided to start attending a studio regularly!
  3. If your a yogi on a budget this is the best way to deepen your practice without deepening your debt! A home practice is still practice and you are still receiving the benefits of yoga!
  4. A home yoga practice is (in my opinion) the best form of self care…this makes your practice so much more personal, just you and your mat, your choice to do whatever movement you want. Your time to laugh, cry, exercise and just reflect on your day!
  5. Remember you don’t need anything fancy, if you have a floor you all you need! Just roll out a mat, towel, blanket or if it’s nice out, connect directly with the earth outside! You don’t need props, if you got a book, you got a block. If you have a scarf you have a strap.If you have some pillows you got bolster! Get creative! It makes everything more fun!