We have all been in this place a dozen times. We’ve set ourselves up to have a great year. We have made a New Years Resolution that we are committed to and will ensue a positive change in our lives. But, lets fast forward a month, maybe even less. We find that the New Years Resolution has come and gone and our dedication to the change just isn’t as fiery as it was on the 1st. How do we overcome this? How do we set ourselves up for SUCCESS! Here are some helpful tips and tricks I use to keep myself on track.

1. First Things First.. Lets Make A Goal

First step to a successful New Year change? Make the RIGHT type of goal. I like to pick one thing. I don’t make a whole list of things I will be changing in 2018, I make one goal. My goal is to wake up at 7:30am every weekday. What I wanted to write was, wake up at 7:30am, make a healthy breakfast, get work done before everyone is awake, feed the dogs, do AM yoga… etc. Instead I set a small goal that will ensue more changes to come. Making one small change at a time will ensure that we stay focused and positive.

2. Know What Steps You Will Be Taking

This is a big one. We can daydream about our goals till we are blue in the face, but as the wise sages say.. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”. Take a few moments and write down some ideas for making your goal happen. Recognize what support you need to reach your goal. Let’s jump back to my example. I plan to wakeup at 7:30am every weekday. My action steps are to lay out my clothes for the next day, set my alarm, and know exactly what I am going to eat when I wake up. When I go to sleep I lay my oh-so comfy robe at the end of the bed so I can slip it on when I get up. Action steps are what help us make the goal more attainable. Is there a way to make your goal more gooey? Are you someone who works better with accountability? Reward? Would posting on Facebook that you went to the gym each day help you stay on track? Would meal planning help keep you healthy? Take the time to know HOW you plan on reaching your goal.

3. Commit To Making Your Goal Part of Your Identity

I know, it sounds weird.. But go with me here. I am NOT a morning person by nature. When I made the goal to start waking up early I told myself, well this is what I do. This is part of the lifestyle that I live as a Business Woman, as a Yogi, and as someone who cares greatly for her health. I made my goal part of who I am, Is your goal to start eating healthier? Is your goal to take the stairs vs the elevator? Take a few minutes to close your eyes. Envision that your goal is part of who you are. Imagine yourself doing your goal. Imagine doing your goal even when you are busy, sick, running late. See yourself so clearly reaching your goal and making it part of your routine. Take a deep breath and decide in this moment, that this is part of you.

4. Commit to Commit

You are ready. You decided to make this resolution because you know it needs to happen. You know how badly you want it. You’ve wanted this for awhile and now is the time to commit. The thing is, motivation only goes so far. For most, it’s a flash in the pan. We CANNOT rely on our motivation to keep us going. Instead we need a plan, we need to know exactly how we are going to reach our goal, we need our accountability (in whatever form that looks like to you), and we need, above all, to just commit. It’s not going to be easy. There are going to be days when you don’t feel good, days when you wonder why you are even doing this, days when everything is going wrong and disaster after disaster keeps coming. Do you know what separates a goal from a lifestyle commitment? It’s fighting the odds. MAKE TIME. Make the CHOICE to do it. Let nothing stand in your way, because the time you miss your task because you didn’t want to because you were moody means the next day is going to be twice as hard. Now I say this, but I also want you to remember that listening to what your body needs is important. If your goal is to go to the gym everyday and you wake up throwing up and have a headache… Don’t go. Be smart. 😉

The Wrap Up~

The big take away from this that I suggest are: 1. Make a smart goal, 2. Plan to succeed, 3. Make it your identity, and 4. Commit.

Raise your hand as high as you can, no matter what you are doing raise it. Now, raise it higher. You were able to raise it higher, huh? We don’t even know how amazing we are. We aren’t fully aware of the heights we can reach. So, go kick some booty. You got this!