A Note About Inner Strength… by Tessa Sawchuk

Tessa Sawchuk is the owner of a local piano studio, Music Me Happy. She is on the Board of
Directors with the Rochester Music Guild, an advocate for the Performing Arts in our
community, and she also is an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. Find out more
about her at www.musicmehappy.com and about the products she loves at

A note about inner strength…

If you were to define inner strength, what would it be? I imagine each of us will have our own
definition that works uniquely for ourselves. For example, one might say inner strength is
having the discipline to finish a marathon; another may think of inner strength as the ability to
survive an abusive situation; and yet another may believe inner strength to be the power within
that makes it possible to achieve success. What I have come to understand, is that true inner strength is really the ability to be completely unapologetic for who you are, to the core.


Figuring out who we are is a life-long journey. It may even change along the way. But most of us have dreams and aspirations… and these dreams and aspirations are the exact things that
propel us forward. Taking time each day to look into ourselves to recognize our dreams, is a
very simple way to fuel ourselves. Does anyone else have a hard time sitting still and meditating? My head is in constant conversation with myself, so the whole meditation thing is very frustrating! Thankfully I am able to lose myself in music. As a pianist, I can let my fingers practice, engage my brain in the music, while allowing my conscious to think freely. Yoga can do the same thing- engaging the body while relaxing the mind. Try grounding yourself daily to your goals, to your dreams, to your being. It will strengthen your belief in who are and who you are meant to be. The more you believe in yourself, the stronger you become. An inner peace, unspoken, but with strength beyond imagination lies within each of us.