With Minnesota yoga studios and gyms restricted to only 25% capacity, it’s not easy to return to your regular in-person routine. Moreover, with infection rates increasing across the country, a return to lockdown is a potential reality. It’s safe to say the pandemic has made staying physically active tougher. It’s even more difficult if your family has been stuck at home for months. If you want to get your family off of the couch and moving more, you’re going to need some creativity to motivate them. Whether it’s at home or outside, you can all stay fit and healthy with these creative and family-friendly workouts.

You Can Do Yoga With Your Family

Some at-home yoga could be the perfect solution to burn off extra energy.

  • Prepare a practice space in your home; a rubber floor can provide extra cushion.
  • Add some relaxing touches to your yoga space, like essential oils or plants.
  • Consider tools to enhance your personal workout results.
  • Sign up for virtual yoga sessions with Urban Yoga MN.
  • Check out family-friendly online classes for tips and pointers on poses.
  • Don’t be afraid to practice yoga outside for some fresh air and a change of pace.

You Can Practice Ninja Skills Together

Obstacle courses will have your kids pumped up for fitness-oriented fun!

You Can Start Swimming With Your Family

If you’re thinking of a bigger addition to your family’s fun, a swimming pool can do the trick.

These activities will help your family stay active and have a blast while you wait for the COVID-19 crisis to end. You can definitely do them all in or just outside of your home, which will allow you to ride things out until you can get back to your favorite yoga studio or gym.

Written By: Anya Willis
Photo Credit: Pexels