Yoga is a mindfulness activity that can help people deal with stressful situations, including those involving addiction and recovery. The practice uses physical and mental techniques to target the part of the brain affected by substance use disorders and to reduce drug cravings. It may be most effective when used alongside therapy.

Some people use yoga to manage their anxiety and depression, two mental health disorders that commonly occur alongside addiction. In fact, the lessons taught through yoga and mindfulness practices target areas in the brain affected by addiction.

Research has indicated that yoga and other mindfulness techniques can be used in conjunction with traditional, evidence-based treatment to help people overcome mental illness and substance use disorders. You can read more about the benefits of Yoga for Recovery here: is an online information center dedicated to those battling addiction and mental health issues. Our goal is to equip families with the necessary tools and resources to guide them on the road to recovery.

Samantha Litten is the Outreach Specialist for