Have you ever thought of how Yoga might help you in a relationship? Probably not! However, I am here to bring you the good news. Maybe without even noticing it, Yoga has already been helping you be a better partner. Lets look at some of the top ways Yoga can help us love more, and stress less!

1) I stand in myself, so I can stand beside you.

We have all heard that age old saying, “you have to know/love yourself before you can know/love someone else”. Well, I completely agree. Through our practice of Asana (physical postures), and Meditation, we better get to know ourselves. We become more balanced, mindful, and self realizing people. When we know ourselves, we better know what we want, what makes us happy, and how me can support someone else.

2) Fight less, love more.

Yoga is commonly used to de-stress and reduce the want to strangle your partner for not doing the dishes after the 5th time you have asked them, even though it is clearly -know- that on Tuesday’s they do the dishes, and you always do the dishes but somehow they can never do….. allow me to go meditate for a moment.

Im back.

Yoga helps us coooool down. The more we rely on our practice to bring us to that “happy” state of being we enjoy, the easier it is to stay in that place. When we are calm, we fight less. When we are calm and have a sense of compassion for ourselves we can translate that to our relationships. We might start to see the bigger pictures. Instead of jumping right to “why did she say that?”, we might be more prone to asking, “what fear provoked that statement?”. Being able to see clearly, and step back in a moment of heat is something our practice can help us achieve.

3) Trust

Yoga helps us connect to ourselves, this we know. Yoga also helps us connect deeper to those in our lives. We have talked about standing in ourselves, and fighting less.. Now lets discuss trust. Yoga can help us work through things that hold us back in relationships. Trust is a huge part of any relationship and if you have been hurt, you might find yourself struggling to open your heart and have those wounds open up along with it. Working with trusting yourself is a huge part of both your practice and your daily life. How can we trust someone else with our heart if we don’t have that trust for ourselves? Building trust in ourselves and in our partners can be done on and off the mat. Have you ever set an intention for someone else on the mat? I challenge you to try this next time you hit up your practice. Have the intention to send love, light, and energy to someone you care about and watch the magic happen. It feels amazing to take something as personal and intimate as our practice and send that energy to someone we love. Another great option on the mat to build trust is partner yoga! At home, or in the studio, partner yoga is a sure fire way to laugh, have fun, and build trust in the process. Even practicing next to one another can help cultivate an intimate sense of trust and loving kindness.

4) Flexibility.

I’m just gonna leave this riiiight here.

All in all, Yoga helps us build a relationship with those around us and ourselves. Let us know your thoughts below!