Long, long ago, Joyce participated in a Meditation Retreat. Yoga poses and philosophies were deeply woven into that experience. And so it began! Following home, community ed, and studio practice, Joyce opted to stretch herself by delving into Yoga Fit Teacher Training – initially having no intention to actually lead practices. Well – here she is, enjoying opportunities to lead small and larger group yoga sessions! Joyce was on staff at Blue Moon Yoga and Breathe Yoga Studios in Rochester; also bringingpractices to public venues, community events, and Rochester Public School staff. Over the years numerous trainings, colleagues, experiences, and students have shaped her yoga focus. Joyce strives to bring feelings of acceptance and community to yoga sessions. You can also expect a bit of humor. Her goal is that each yogi takesfeelings of joy, contentment, and a strong sense of self from the mat into the world. Even if only for a short time!

Joyce holds a MN Teaching License in the areas of Speech/Language Pathology and Special Education. Since Joyce is retired (!), it is time for that license to collect dust while she explores her current life phase. Happily, the yoga connection remains and is supported by interests in essential oils, chakras, and energy healing systems – so much to learn 😊

When traveling, often along MN’s North Shore, Joyce and her husband have created a bit of a sport – Joyce pairs yoga poses with favorite elements found in the environment. Scott is the photographer and the Guardian Angel keeping Joyce from moving ever-closer to some edge or precipice! With a dog now in the family, this sport may take on some interesting twists; only time will tell.

Joyce looks forward to meeting you at the studio!

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