Meet Sarinna! Sarinna is a Chicago native who discovered the practice of yoga in high school. She began her regular yoga practice at the age of 18, while completing her social work degree at Winona State University. Sarinna’s personal practice transformed her life so much—both emotionally and spiritually—that she decided to begin her yoga teacher journey in hopes of spreading the positive energy and incredible benefits yoga has to offer.

Sarinna began an extended 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016 and recently graduated from Tammy Zee’s School of Yoga. Prior to completing her 200 hour YTT, Sarinna taught acro yoga workshops at Winona State University and at the University of Wisconsin-La

Sarinna’s goal is to inspire and help others to work toward their personal and wellness goals. Sarinna describes herself as “a life-long learner” and would like to complete a 500 hour program where she can continue to develop personally and professionally as a yoga teacher.

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