I often go through phases in my life where I seem to lose all internal compassion. I find my mind is running through all the things I should be doing differently, and my self talk just isn’t that nice. This is pretty a-typical in our society. Can you think of the last compassionate, and kind thing you told yourself, about yourself? If your answer is “Nope, I really can’t”, well then welcome to the club. We have T-Shirts.

You are not alone. Our society is plagued on the daily with negativity. Scroll through Facebook, notice how many “How to become a morning person”, “Ten things you are doing to increase your anxiety”, “How to be better at adulting”, “Why you suck at relationships”-articles do you see? Would it surprise you that the above names are actual articles I found on social media? The world is always telling us how to be better at being us. How to fix what is wrong with how we live, and how we operate. Well my friends, I am here to say-screw that. Screw that! Don’t get me wrong, I am all about working on how I handle things, working to find better self care practices, and self work. All. About. It. But this “change because you are doing it wrong” mentality isn’t work for us. If we approach changes to our life with a sense of negativity then what fun is self work? What fun is progressing ourselves when we are doing it because something inside, or outside, is telling us if we don’t-we somehow aren’t good enough. It isn’t a fun way to live! We have all heard the idea, “Look at your thoughts. Would you say what you say to yourself to a child?”. But I challenge this. Would you say what you say to yourself, to yourself?! You are an amazing thing. You are goodness. You are the entire universe, light, love, and happiness. You are something completely unique and incredible. Why would you treat yourself like anything else?

When I go through these, “I need to get my shit together” phases, I step back. I step back into the place of compassion. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s probably the hardest self work that I do. It means that when I start telling myself how I need to change to have this certain outcome, I have to stop dead in my tracks. I have to internally sit myself down and say, “Hey, stop it! You are the most amazing self that you can be. You are doing your best, and your best isn’t always going to be what is viewed as right.” It couldn’t be more true, Yogi Fam. You are doing the best you can. Your best is going to look different from day to day, and that is okay! The point is, when we get into these thought patterns of needing to “do better” we need to have compassion with ourselves. Look at yourself with the eyes of a friend. Become the observer of yourself, and see that you are doing the best that you can with your current state of life. I am not saying don’t motivate yourself to become even more amazing, or to not grind to improve. I am not saying don’t set your alarm for 6am so you can go to the gym, even though you hate mornings and would definitely rather sleep in for 4 more hours, watch the new season of GOT on HBO, while you eat a whole tub of ice cream. I digress.. I am NOT saying don’t work, and challenge yourself to reach new heights. I am saying before you start that internal dialogue that is hard and mean, take a step back and realize… You are the universe. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. You are the only person that is the very best at being you. So set that alarm, read that book about connecting deeper to your inner power, and go KICK SOME A**! Not because you need to, not because what you are currently doing isn’t good enough, but because you are worth it.

You my friend, you are a good thing.